California Fix and Flip Loans from Aztec Financial

Fix and Flip Loans

Image of house before a fix and flip loan

Aztec Financial has helped investors just like you realize their goals of financial freedom through fixing and flipping thousands of rehab properties since 1987.  This wealth of experience as a direct lender gives Aztec Financial the edge over the competition.  Our broad financial network of investors provides you unparalleled opportunity to maximize your profits by leveraging our ability to provide funding fast for your investment opportunity.

Where conventional lenders and many hard money lenders don’t dare tread, Aztec Financial leads the way as your reliable fix and flip funding source.  We provide rock-solid financing and no-hassle underwriting, giving you the peace of mind to focus on your rehab property investment and realize its true profit potential.  Whether it’s a fixer-upper or you just want to pull cash out on any type of California real estate, Aztec Financial is there for you to help you create more wealth today!

  • “I’ve been a Real estate Broker and Investor for over 15 years. Aztec Financial has provided funding for several of my projects. The most important factors and services a private party lender can provide is timely funding and flexibility in structure. Aztec has never failed to fund my deals once a loan commitment has been issued. This gives me confidence to know once I make an offer, I can close the deal. The staff is overwhelmingly courteous to help you through the entire process, from execution of loan documents, servicing of the loan, timely inspections and the closing of your transaction. If you are a real estate investor looking for fast, flexible funding, I highly recommend Aztec Financial as your go to lender!”

    – Kenneth B.

  • “I have worked with at least 5 of the top private lenders and Aztec Financial has been the best for me, with well over 40 transactions together Joel, Melanie, Kenny and the rest of the team have given me nothing but the best, Top notch quality service, no other private lender has been able to match what Aztec Financial does for me, I highly recommend Them, Sincerely,”

    – Gus I.

  • “Aztec Financial has been my go to lender for the past 19 years. They make it quick and easy without a lot of red tape. They understand the real estate investor and work with you on your goals. I have dealt with many lenders and have to say that the Aztec staff and customer service is also what sets them apart from the rest. ”

    – Austin L.

  • “Aztec Financial not only offers great terms and fair pricing, they also go out of their way to ensure your success while providing great customer service. They are second to none.”

    – George W.

  • “When your offer is accepted it is imperative that your lender is ready and able to respond. My last two transactions were accepted and Aztecs funds were ready to be wired in 48 hours. Aztec has been dependable in funding more than fifty (50) transactions for my company.”

    – Marvin F.