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California Real Estate Investments

Information for Investors

(California Investors Only)

Aztec Financial offers short-term trust deed/mortgage investments for the private investor, at significantly higher returns than bank rates. Loans are secured by trust deeds (nearly always a first trust deed) on the borrower’s real property. Our loans generally do not exceed 65% to 75% of the appraised value of the property. In some cases, Aztec will do a second with their own money behind you which further enhances your position.

Our Services

Our Services

Aztec Financial’s primary niche is dealing with Fix and Flip buyers — seasoned and experienced contractors/brokers/investors who specialize in acquiring fixer properties far below market value. These buyers/borrowers purchase bank owned properties and then have their work crews refurbish them.

Once refurbished, the properties will either be refinanced using conventional loans and rented for income, or sold at a profit. Our loans are typically due in one to two years. The properties are usually fixed up and sold within four to twelve months of purchase. Aztec Financial will also lend to borrowers looking for cash out on residential or commercial property with sufficient equity.

Our Loans

Our Loans

All loans before they are sold will include appraisals by an outside licensed and bonded independent fee appraiser. Most of our rehab loans are for cosmetic repairs such as interior/exterior paint, carpets, and new cabinets. The typical rehab budget is between $20,000 to $50,000 and shall be held in reserve until repairs are completed.

Money for each item of work is released to the borrower only after our in-house inspector has evaluated the work to be done and has verified its completion. Aztec Financial provides a win-win situation for everyone. Our borrowers win because they make a profit on each transaction. Aztec and its investors win because we typically earn 7-9% on the money they invest.

Consistent Results

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Investing in trust deeds can help your retirement funds to grow, or provide current income. Aztec Financial’s trust deed investments are approved for IRA or corporate retirement accounts. We sincerely believe that this is one of the best investment choices available today, offering high returns with low risk. We have funded thousands of loans very successfully since 1987 and earned a very loyal following of repeat investors who continue to do business with us year after year.

If you would like to find out more information about potentially investing with us you can call us at 1-800-663-0997 and ask for Joel Hoffman or contact us here.

  • “I’ve been a Real estate Broker and Investor for over 15 years. Aztec Financial has provided funding for several of my projects. The most important factors and services a private party lender can provide is timely funding and flexibility in structure. Aztec has never failed to fund my deals once a loan commitment has been issued. This gives me confidence to know once I make an offer, I can close the deal. The staff is overwhelmingly courteous to help you through the entire process, from execution of loan documents, servicing of the loan, timely inspections and the closing of your transaction. If you are a real estate investor looking for fast, flexible funding, I highly recommend Aztec Financial as your go to lender!”

    – Kenneth B.

  • “I have worked with at least 5 of the top private lenders and Aztec Financial has been the best for me, with well over 40 transactions together Joel, Melanie, Kenny and the rest of the team have given me nothing but the best, Top notch quality service, no other private lender has been able to match what Aztec Financial does for me, I highly recommend Them, Sincerely,”

    – Gus I.

  • “Aztec Financial has been my go to lender for the past 19 years. They make it quick and easy without a lot of red tape. They understand the real estate investor and work with you on your goals. I have dealt with many lenders and have to say that the Aztec staff and customer service is also what sets them apart from the rest. ”

    – Austin L.

  • “Aztec Financial not only offers great terms and fair pricing, they also go out of their way to ensure your success while providing great customer service. They are second to none.”

    – George W.

  • “When your offer is accepted it is imperative that your lender is ready and able to respond. My last two transactions were accepted and Aztecs funds were ready to be wired in 48 hours. Aztec has been dependable in funding more than fifty (50) transactions for my company.”

    – Marvin F.